Top 10 Woman Safety Gadgets | Which Will Be Your Ultimate Saviour

Safelet is wearable women safety device with two buttons on the
side that can be used to send a message or contact the guardian
member. It also syncs with the user’s cell phone to start audio recording.

Pepper Spray Pistol
Pepper spray pistol is among the legally approved women self-
defence appliances. It is way different than other pepper sprays as it
doesn’t require to be sprayed on eyes. As this spray act as irritant
affecting the eyes and skin of the person.

Lipstick Shaped Flashlight
Just like the size of the lipstick, this women safety device is of 5
inches. The size makes the device easy to carry and can be secretly
kept. The lipstick comes with a rechargeable battery and captures
180 lumens flashlight

Safety Torch With Shock Effect
Rechargeable safety torch with shock effect can be the saviour for
women. The LED Flashlight with hidden electricity can shake a
person very badly. Such personal protection equipment should be
considered as the must carry essential of women’s bag.

Safety Rod
The telescopic batons can be played very well for both offence and
defence techniques in self-defense. Safety rods can deliver a
massive pain with a shock to the attacker. The simple motto of this
device is to save you from all the risky people.

Titan Watch
The alert message in the app and SMS will include user’s location.

Safer Smart Jewellery Pendant
This pendant is not the normal pendant. As it has a small circular
device known as SAFER. Whenever you feel unsafe, just double-
click the safer device attached to the pendant. Then automatically
an alert will be sent to your family or friends

Alarm Wristlet With Whistle
Personal Alarm Wristlet with a hidden whistle is specially designed
women safety. It is placed in outer pockets of a purse or backpack
and can be hand-carried. The alarm is activated when the pin is
pulled and detects the attacker. It also has an LED Light which will
never leave you in the dark.

Revolar is an oval-shaped look like a small garage clicker. It is easily
kept onto a jeans pocket or sports bra. When it is pressed twice then
it sends a yellow message to the designated contacts with your
current location and telling that you are not safe.

E-Alarm Personal Safety
Sound Grenade is a non-lethal product that loud 120 Db Siren that
weighs only 20 Grams. It is created specially to prevent you from
thefts, rapes, mugging or any other risky situation by sending an
alarm to anyone in the range of sound within 100 meters.

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