7 AWESOME EDC GADGETS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY | The Best EDC Gear for Whatever Life Throws at You…

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Amazing gadgets you knew nothing about

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Link to all the products in this video :-

NanoPen : http://kck.st/2KFlhiN
World’s Smallest EDC Pen Tool, Functional, Minimal & Indestructible. NanoPen is more than a ultra-portable mini writing instrument.

MICRO : http://kck.st/2xpopFT
World’s Smallest EDC Key Organizer EVER

Ti Click EDC : http://kck.st/2uPL6Tn
The Ultimate Refill Friendly Click Pen, World’s 1st click pen to accept 100+ refills w/o any hacks, spacers, or guesswork. All metal, no plastic.

Grim Lock Pick and Escape System http://kck.st/2SLSolf
Workshop Wearable Lock Pick and Escape System, Wearable, concealable EDC lock picking sets specially designed for your wallet, necklace, and even…..

Ti EDC Wrench : http://kck.st/2MFCR2Y
Adjustable Pocket Tool for Everyday Carry

Grim EDC Micro Tool System https://ift.tt/2VrpZ7N

The MARQ – http://kck.st/2OyXQow
The World’s Most Unique Money Clip & Multi-Tool in One!, Old school inspiration with new school flare. Small and minimal EDC multi- tool that is made to handle all your daily tasks.

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