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The ‘Grid-It’ is designed to be the ultimate gadget organizer. The weave of rubberized bands allow for countless configurations of all your tech gear. View Our Full Review:

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Follow along with Nathan and Rebecca on their YouTube Channel “Always A Friday”:

When Cocoon Innovations first came up with the ‘Grid-It’ system they must have known they had something pretty special, so special in fact that it’s now featured on nearly every product they produce, from backpacks to laptop sleeves. The organizer, their flagship product and what we’ll be reviewing, is effectively a flat panel featuring a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands, designed to hold and organize your gadgets. In their words it’s “a gadget’s best friend.” But is it?

The Grid-It technology is proprietary patent pending and when you first take a look at it, it’s actually quite simple. It’s designed specifically to store, carry, and protect your gadgets, and that’s exactly what it does, very well in fact.

The rubber on the elastic bands is really what brings this all together. They’re grippy enough to make sure that when you slot something in, it’s not going anywhere. The bands aren’t just rubber though, they’re actually fabric with rubberized dots running through it, meaning it’s nice to touch and you can slide things in and out with ease. The Grid-It works perfectly with items like an external hard drive. Even though smaller items like camera batteries might experience less tension in the bands, it works just as well because of the rubberized texture locking them in. If you can fit the item within the bands, you can pretty much trust it’ll stay in place. That being said though we feel there is a limit. We can just about get away with holding a macbook charger, but we don’t regularly, since it’s fairly heavy and makes it feel a tad lopsided. The frame-sheet of the Grid-It is pretty sturdy, when heavy items are added however there’s a certain amount of flex—you don’t want to push it.

Overall, this is probably an item you didn’t realize you needed until you had one. We all have become so used to gadgets lying around, stuffed in the bottom of bags or in a separate organizer pouch, that we wouldn’t think to go out of the way to actually use a Grid-It. But three years down the line, you’d be lost without it. Once you have all of your important gadgets neatly organized and in one place, it’s likely you’ll never go back.

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In this video, Nathan Coverdale of Pack Hacker reviews the Grid-It Organizer by Cocoon Innovations. Great for organizing tech, cords, and other travel accessories

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