22 Things 90s Kids Totally Remember

In the history of the world, 30 years ago isn’t that long, but for humans, lots can happen in that span of time. The 90s truly was an era that was different to our own and it feels so recent for some that you may not have realized it…

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7. The Floppy Disk
If you went up to a young child in the modern day with a floppy disk and asked them what it was, many of them probably wouldn’t know how to answer–unless they’re already teaching that sort of stuff in history classes. We can now rely on USBs but in the olden times, we had to use the floppy. You may have called it the diskette, but either way, they looked more or less like this plastic square. Some came in bigger sizes, originating from the mid 70s and used quite commonly until the late 2000s. There’s no arguing that devices like USB flash sticks and portable external hard disk drives just have more capacity, rendering the floppy obsolete.

6. The Macarena
Some of you may not have realized that the Macarena isn’t that old of a song. It was released in 1993 on the Los del Rio album A mi me gusta. It would reach international popularity in the subsequent years. Back then and sometimes even now, you’d be hard-pressed to find an event like a sports game, wedding, or party that didn’t crank up the volume when this came on and have the DJ to tell everyone to get on the dancefloor. Billboard ranked it as number 7 on their All Time Top 100 list in 2012 and would be their number 1 for the All Time Latin Songs list. It probably helps that it has super easy dance moves that even the most uncoordinated person can follow.

5. Slime Time
For some reason, slime was a big part of the 90s, with Nickelodeon in part to thank for that. Hey, we didn’t have the social media platforms we have today. There’s only so much bike-riding and tv watching you would do. SPeaking of Nickelodeon, they released a line of slime products starting in 1996, the first being Green Slime. Original Gak, manufactured in 1992, was re-issued in 1994 as part of the Nickelodeon Deluxe Gift Set. Not only was it just cool to play with slime, but Gak in particular made fart noises, so of course the crowd went wild for it.

4. Gotta Catch Them All
When pokemon first hit TV screens in 1997, the world was not ready for how popular these anime fantasy animals would be. Pokemon actually starred as video games for the original Game Boy, turned into a card game, and then eventually the animated series. The games and cards of course got even more popular with the release of the show. When it came to the card game, a lot of people would play but just as many people were merely in it for the trading and collecting aspect of it. Pokemon cards got so popular amongst the youth that many schools banned bringing them to school.

3. Saturday Morning Cartoons
If you’re an adult now and have no children, you probably didn’t notice that Saturday Morning Cartoons don’t really exist anymore–at least not in the way older audiences knew them. Before, it used to be that youngsters in school would get up early for class Monday thru Friday and then still get up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons. This was a big staple of American TV.

2. More Pocket Animals
For those who weren’t away, “pokemon” is the compound term for “pocket monsters.” It seems the ida of virtual animals was highly desired because the 90s was also the height of the days of the Tamagotchi. It came in the shape of a small, flat egg, a digital advice that housed a digital pet. Created by Akihiro Yokoi and Aki Maita, Bandai released the toy in 1996 first in Japan and then the rest of the world the next year.


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