Top 10 Best Tech Gadgets! – Best Tech Deals 2019

Lots of great tech deals and budget tech that you can use as tech gift ideas this Christmas! This video unboxes and showcases budget friendly tech gifts in 2019. From AFFORDABLE bluetooth earbuds, portable chargers, headphones, and charging cables, to backpacks. I go over some of the most budget tech on amazon, and show you the best tech deals online! Tech gifts are a great way to show your appreciation, so pick some up now!

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Anker Speaker:

Lightning Cable Chargers-
3 Lengths:
5 3ft Rubber:
Micro USB Alternative:
USB C Alternative:

Beston 10,000mah Portable Charger:

Tulpock 20,000mah Portable Charger:

Lighting and USB Drive:

Anker Neo Liberty Wireless Earphones:

Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC Headphones:

Apple 7th Gen iPad:

This video was recorded using my iPhone, & edited with LumaFusion on my 2017 iPad Pro.

Gear I used in the making of this video:
Snowball Ice:
MeFoto Phone Mount:
My iPhone, & iPad

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