Easiest way to get Gadgets on Windows 10 ~ 2016

In this video, I show you how you can get the windows 7 gadgets on windows 10 with a very simple way. Just follow the steps shown in the video.

Download the gadgets from the following link


7 Sidebar – Helmut Buhler
Agenda – Ronnie
All CPU Meter – AddGadgets.com
App Launcher – Dean Laforet
Calendar – Microsoft
Clipboarder – Helmut Buhler
Chameleon Weather – gersma
Clock – Microsoft
Control System – AddGadgets.com
CPU Meter – Microsoft
Currency – Microsoft
Currency Meter – AddGadgets.com
Custom Calendar – Home Cooked Gadgets
Desktop Feed Reader – Cristian Patrasciuc
Digiclock – gersma
DriveInfo – Kris Thompson
Drives Monitor – Igor M. Bushin
Drives Meter – AddGadgets.com
Feed Headlines – Microsoft
FlipClock – Ciro Ippolito
Glass Calendar – gersma, modded by digitalmaxx
Glassy CPU Monitor – Helmut Buhler
Glassy Network Monitor – Helmut Buhler
GPU Meter – AddGadgets.com
Google Mail – Orbmu2k
HUD Time – Factor Mystic
iBattery – Vitim
Launch Control – Kinesys Ltd
MiniRadio – Ronnie
MSN Weather – Microsoft
Multi Meter – SFkilla
My Weather – Pat Possible
Network Meter – AddGadgets.com
Network Monitor II – Igor M. Bushin
Picture Puzzle – Microsoft
POP3 Mail Checker – Thomas Pleasance
Power Status – Orbmu2k
Recycle Bin – Eiskalter Engel
Reminder (Denk-Daran) – dahi24
Remove Drive Safely – Plamen Todorov
searchALL Gadget – Jayden Howard
ShutdownRestart – Midnight Mick
Slide Show – Microsoft
Sticky Notes – Microsoft
Sticky Notes Online – SharPra
System Monitor II – Igor M. Bushin
Top Five – Orbmu2k
Top Process Monitor – Igor M. Bushin
Unit Converter – GadgetWE
Volume Control – Orbmu2k
WeatherCenter – hadj
Weather Meter – AddGadgets.com
スクロールカレンダー – 66turn


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