[Hindi,हिन्दी] 5 Cool Gadgets Under 200 Rs on Amazon !

Gadgets Under 400 Rs : https://youtu.be/2fp6Yb7vpn0

Fingerprint Smart Lock : https://youtu.be/xZQfO9YBJzs

These are the best cool gadgets that you can buy under 200 Rs from Amazon India. These gadgets are very useful for day to day life usage and they are must have accessories for your smartphone.

Amazon Basics Stylus Review : https://youtu.be/WBRSqoKcMp4

*** Purchase Link ***
Micro USB Fan : https://goo.gl/UvCFaZ
Selfie Stick : https://goo.gl/TSBne2
Zmazon Basics Stylus : https://goo.gl/aAtgvF
Flash Light : https://goo.gl/kwW4SE
VR Box : https://goo.gl/rHNUca
3D Holographic : https://goo.gl/MJj3RU
Audio Splitter (eBay) : https://goo.gl/k6gPjG
Audio Splitter (Amazon) : https://goo.gl/DSmoAG

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