Smart Gadgets Inventions You Must Try

Smart Gadgets Inventions You Must Try

1. Collar Perfect – | (Amazon India)r
Collar Perfect is a compact and quick ironing solution that works by clamping onto collars, cuffs, creases, between buttons, and other parts to smooth out wrinkles. What makes it Perfect is the ability to transform by opening to flatten the wings for use like a regular iron.

2. Quad Lock Sports Armband – | (Amazon India)
The Quad Lock Sports Armband introduces the convenience of the Quad Lock Mounting System to runners, joggers and gym goers. No longer will you have to struggle trying to fit your smartphone into a neoprene or plastic pouch.

3. Rewind Picton Pure – | (Amazon India)
Rewind is a beautifully designed accessory that lets you manage your earphone cords and express yourself at the same time.

4. ZAZZ Wall Mount – | (Amazon India)
Universal Wall Mount for Kindle, iPad1/2/3/4/Air, Adjustable top leg length of 26-64mm, 360 degree rotation allows portrait and landscape viewing.

5. Petcube Play Camera – | (Amazon India)
Petcube is an interactive pet camera that lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone when you’re away from home. Beautifully designed with an interactive laser toy, your pets will enjoy regular playtime and exercise.

6. BleepBleeps Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm – | (Amazon India)
Sammy Screamer – Motion Alarm Sammy bleeps when she’s moved and sends a notification to your smartphone. Keep an eye on your stuff Stick Sammy on the things you want to keep an eye on and she’ll let you know if they move.

7. 1MORE Triple Driver Lightning In-Ear Headphones – | (Amazon India)
Take our acclaimed Triple Driver In-Ear, add a Lightning connector, a high-definition DAC for lossless digital clarity, and an intuitive 5-in-1 controller and you have the Triple Driver Lightning In-Ear.

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